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Our Team
624by Mohammad Qasem (guest)
04 Feb 2009 15:26Jump!
Around the community
23by hammoudeehammoudee
25 Jan 2009 17:02Jump!
A short update of each day from now until end of build season.
112by B - MorrisB - Morris
26 Jan 2009 20:55Jump!
Why am I describing this?
16by B - MorrisB - Morris
11 Jan 2009 03:21Jump!
Post if you find anything that might be of use, like Wild Time Orbit Balls. Remember, ALWAYS look for bargain prices :D
47by Diana PhamDiana Pham
31 Jan 2009 21:49Jump!
Information about changes or rules unknown
25by B - MorrisB - Morris
12 Jan 2009 03:03Jump!
Write as you will
312by Art HareArt Hare
15 Jan 2009 18:49Jump!
Design Team
The people who put the ideas together.
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Announcements, etc.
11by B - MorrisB - Morris
13 Jan 2009 17:07Jump!
Anything ranging from the robot to graphic designs for the sites or robot.
212by B - MorrisB - Morris
28 Jan 2009 22:13Jump!
A place to discuss information about AutoCAD designs and teach newbies how to use it.
Sponsors & Business
Anyone who can help, find them! Then post your results or ideas about places here. Business people discuss here too.
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General discussion.
Who, what, where, when, why. If you have an idea of who can help post here.
27by Diana PhamDiana Pham
31 Jan 2009 21:58Jump!
Rookie Award? I think so.
14by Diana PhamDiana Pham
31 Jan 2009 01:21Jump!
Programming Team
Wii 90+ 1337 skillz.
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General discussion about programming
621by Art HareArt Hare
14 Jan 2009 14:06Jump!
Anything that can help
14by Art HareArt Hare
10 Jan 2009 19:36Jump!
Stuck on something?
Build Team
More constructive than Lego.
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General discussion about building the bot.
11by Art HareArt Hare
09 Jan 2009 15:42Jump!

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